Comprehensive Range of Dog Training Collars

Whether you want to teach obedience, training collars help your dog learn boundaries, or prevent excessive barking, our comprehensive range of dog training collars can help. The collars are designed with utmost care for the safety and remote control for the pet parent.

Dog Training Collars

1. Beep, Vibrate, (No) Shock
2. Fit all sizes of dogs
3. Blind operation

PATPET 320 dog training collar
PATPET 356 dog training collar
920 dog training collar

You Can Get

1. Flexible MOQ
2. Marketing Support
3. Customized Design
4. Large Order Discount

PATPET 630 dog training collar
PATPET 651 dog training collar
PATPET 520 no shock vibration spray dog collar

Anti Bark Collars

1. Spray, Vibrate, Shock
2. Fit all sizes of dogs
3. Blind operation

PATPET 511 spray dog collar
PATPET A13 anti bark collar
PATPET BC01 anti bark dog collar

Why Patpet Dog Training Products are Better for Your Dog?

Strengthen good behavior and suppress bad ones with the Patpet latest technology products well-designed just for your furry companions. Our dog training products boast various features that make the products more efficient and benefit pets, owners, and professional trainers. Our products have user-friendly buttons, safety measures, and other superior features.


Easy-to-Use Button

Traditional dog collars have a control knob, but ours have three buttons positioned top to bottom that enables you to easily change settings and adjust the intensity. The buttons make the collar easier to operate by all, including elderly or disabled pet owners.

Double Protection

Our dog collars are the best as they boast two safety sensors that inhibit accidental activating. The sensors ensure the dog bark collar is activated only when a dog starts barks, allowing for efficient corrective training on your dogs’ uncontrollable barking.

Drop Resistance Design

Patpet dog training products have four friction pads on the remote control for a better grip. The drop resistance design makes them highly durable and shock-resistant. Make a strong impression on your target market with the detailed features of our products.

Silicon Rubber Case

Our dog training collar has a soft black silicone sleeve that covers the metallic points making the collar comfortable for your furry companion to wear. Moreover, it does not interfere with your dog’s daily activities working without sacrificing effectiveness and value.

Boost Your Business with Patpet's Technological Philosophy

Patpet is a patent-winning manufacturer of dog training collars and other dog products. Our R&D team is at the forefront of design innovation continuously improving dog collars and pet products to give your business a considerable edge over your competitors.

As per the market trends, we regularly upgrade our ID design and invite overseas designers to provide their product ideas. Constant improvements of our product ensure you can timely tap into market demands offering the latest and reliable products.

Patpet currently provides dog collars with a beep, vibration, spray, and static modes. But, we constantly research and add new features to our products helping pet retailers and wholesalers easily satisfy new demands in the market.

Our R&D team upgrades the interface, display, and functions of the dog collars and fully inspect them to make sure they are effective in aiding dog owners with training as well as tracking the canine if they have escaped home. Moreover, the data on the remote transistor is clear and easy to read.

Patpet’s R&D team ensures our dog collars provide better model adaptability than other products available in the market. With this, we make it possible for pet retailers and wholesalers to attract various pet owners with different dog breeds.

waterproof test

You Can't Afford to Miss

Gain Assured Profits with Patpet's Strict Price Control Policy 

Patpet’s price policy requires all our partners to set value-based pricing, the price is based on how much the consumer believes that it is worth. Through this, we create a high-quality experience for our customers. 

Our sales team regularly monitors the business partners and if retailers and distributors do not comply with our price policy, we terminate any future cooperation with them. 

The policy safeguards that you will not be forced to lower the prices of the dog products to match your competitors, securing a consistent profit for your business.

More Benefits You Get

From anti-bark collars, shock bark collars, and spray collars to remote dog training collars, Patpet provides various choices to help you attract multiple demographics.

All our dog collars undergo strict regulatory compliance as per the industry norms and have passed CE, RoHS, FCC, waterproof rating, and UL testing certification.

Patpet offers dog collars with customized colors, logo patterns, packaging, and other content to meet your specific business needs. The collars are adjustable, comfortable, and durable. 

While Patpet offers 500 MOQ, but we are willing to negotiate in lowering or increasing the requirement to match the pet retailers’ and wholesalers’ needs.

Every dog collar is covered by a 1-year warranty and comprehensive aftersales service. If you experience any issue with the product, we troubleshoot or replace the collars. 

We offer a fast delivery option through UPS service. All orders are processed within 1-3 business days. However, orders with 1,000 pieces are processed within 3 to 5 days.

6 Steps to Help Your Project Succeed

Professional Consultation

We offer a free pre-sale consultation to pet retailers and wholesalers to decide which solutions address their requirements.

Customized Design

We offer unique products and packaging to help drive your brand with our customization services.

Accurate Quote

Patpet always provides accurate quotes on production costs, including material and discounts on your wholesale orders.

Fast Prototype

Using premium materials, we produce our prototype on the final design concept. Also, you receive your custom collar sample immediately. 

Mass Production

Complying with ISO standards, we can achieve 500,000 pieces production per year to fulfill your large-volume orders easily. 

Fast Delivery

We have up to 50,000 collars in stock, ready for immediate shipping. We can meet large orders without compromising on quality. 

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