Customized Services

Professional Consultation

Customers look at certain parts that meet their requirements before purchasing the products, be it quality, material, warranty protection, or features.

Patpet offers professional pre-sale consultation that provides the needed guidance and suggestions to remote collar supplier and wholesalers enabling them to choose the right products for their market, adding more value to the inventory.

Customized Design

Having unique products and packaging not only helps the customers recognize your brand but is the key to a lucrative and profitable business.

Patpet provides customized solutions to give your products that uniqueness, from colors, packaging to other accessories. Along with this, we assist in custom logo designs, all thanks to our access to talented third-party designers.

Accurate Quote

Receiving accurate quotes for dog training products before manufacturing gives remote collar supplier the correct idea of the expenditures they incur and what they get for the specific amount.

With Patpet, you always get accurate quotes of manufacturing costs, including materials and discounts for bulk orders. In addition to this, we provide free customized logos for a minimum order of 500 sets of collars.

Fast Prototype

Using the highest quality materials and following approved designs, our experts produce prototypes in a small batch.

Once clients place the order, we provide these prototypes within a few days. The prototypes give a quantifiable sample of how the design will work out while giving you the opportunity for improvement.

Our prototype development process guarantees we offer only the best to all our clients.

Mass Production

Patpet complies with ISO 9001-approved guidelines wherein our 2-3 production lines go in full swing to complete client orders within the stipulated timeframe. We can achieve 500,000 pieces of production to fulfill your bulk orders. 

We excel in outstanding manufacturing practices and the blend of careful raw material selection, state-of-the-art equipment, knowledgeable and trained staff, and rigorous quality inspection ensures each of our products is at par with the established industry standards.

Fast Delivery

Patpet works with accuracy and precision and has the capability to deliver bulk orders of less than 1000 pieces within 3 to 5 business days.

Additionally, thanks to our available products (up to 50,000) in stock for immediate shipping. We can meet large orders without delay, ensuring you get your orders when you need them without compromising on quality.

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