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Present dog trainers with our line of quality spray bark collar that releases citronella spray. The spray is triggered when the collar detects the third and seventh barks within 80 seconds from the start and the decibel reaches 300Hz ~ 1.6kHz.

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No Pain, No Shocks

A Burst of Citronella Spray Can Discourage Barking

If your market is looking for a more gentle approach that will help discourage barking, make use of our spray bark collars.

Once the collar’s sensor detects the dog’s bark, it will safely trigger citronella spray that discourages dogs from barking with a burst of light spray.

As an alternative to collars that release static charge, this product line of spray bark collars is surely welcome in the EU market and favored by those users who are too busy or lack the knowledge on controlling dog barking.

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