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Electronic bark collars detect the vibration of the vocal cords as your dog barks. When it detects these vibrations, a low-level shock (or other functions) is delivered to the dog’s neck.

PATPET R&D team designs for a variety of people with different needs. Spray, electric shock, vibration, and beep functions, with different grade options. Customization is available.

Welcome to customize and order your own no bark collar business.

Dog Bark Collars Explore

Patpet’s bark stopper collars are adjustable, it can adjust to the size of the dog and IPX5 rainproof

A01 Pet Dog Training Collar


AAA battery power supply

G-Sensor sensitivity + Shock

G-Sensor sensitivity has 3 gears (1-3 levels) and electric shock function (0-7 gears + automatic gears, 0 gear means do not use shock function)

Anti Bark Vibration Collar Category - A02


AAA battery-powered

Vibration + beep

It has vibration function (8 gears + A gear; 1-8 levels and automatic gears) and beep function (fixed gears, not adjustable)

A12V Anti bark vibration collar - Front


Rechargeable power
G-Sensor sensitivity + vibration

G-Sensor sensitivity has 5 gears (1-5 levels) and vibration function 4 gears (0-3 levels+ automatic levels)

A13 No bark shock collar -Front



G-Sensor sensitivity + shock

G-Sensor sensitivity has 5 gears (1-5 levels) and electric shock function (0-7 gears + automatic gears, 0 gears means do not electric shock function)


MODEL: 510

Spray + vibration + beep

This is a remote no bark collar, the function is mainly spray (L and H gear), vibration and beep (fixed gear, not adjustable)


MODEL: 511


Spray + beep

IPX5 rainproof, and uses a spray (L level) and beep to stop barking

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Customizable logo, color, function, etc. to add color to your own brand

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Backed by a strong R & D team, can realize various ideas for our needs.

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Strictly control the number of agents, make sure each customer can get a good profit

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Complete guidance materials, giving telephone and email end support

1-year Warranty

Provide one year warranty for our products, no worries after-sales

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Proven shipping channels, you also can designate logistics agent

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