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Incomparable Blind Control

Easy to Use, with Only 3 Buttons

Traditional dog collars utilize knobs to manage settings and performance for training. However, Knobs can cause inaccurate results and can be cumbersome for elder users.

Instead of multiple button presses to switch between modes, Patpet makes control management easier and efficient by using separate buttons to change settings with several presses. Three buttons positioned top to bottom refer to sound, vibration, and spray/shock, representing weak to strong performance.

Easy-to-use buttons allow trainers and elderly pet owners to conduct faster and more efficient training.

Mute Button
for Professional Training

Dogs can be very observant, and hearing button sounds from dog collars can cause them to fear similar sounds. It can also inhibit the desired training effect that trainers and pet owners want to achieve.

By installing a mute button on the controller, we remove button sounds that can distract from training, providing a more effective way to train dogs. Silencing the buttons helps the dogs focus on the training process and allows for the training results to be improved.

Two Sensors
to Avoid Accidental Shock

Typical bark control collars use microphone sensors for detecting a dog’s bark. However, the obvious disadvantage is that barks from nearby dogs can trigger electronic stimulation by mistake, causing negative impacts on the dog.

Patpet addresses this problem by having two sensors in each collar, with a second sensor reacting to vibrations detected on the dog’s neck at a certain decibel. This allows for more accurate and effective behavior adjustment, making Patpet's collars ideal tools for animal trainers and owners.

Soft Black Silicone Sleeves
for Double Protection

Studies show that extended use of collars can irritate the dog’s skin, wearing away the covered area and leaving an unattractive mark on the pet’s neck.

Understanding this concern, Patpet collars use soft black silicone sleeves that protect the dog’s skin without hindering the effectiveness of our collars. Our silicone-sleeved collars are available in several sizes, fitting medium and large dogs.

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Patpet's cetificate
Patpet's cetificate
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Patpet's cetificate

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