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I am a consumer, have bought a dog training collar (no bark dog collar). Now I need some help

1. Please check the following two sections, hope can solve your problem

How to use” and “Troubleshooting guide

2. If you can not find a solution, please send a detailed description of the problem to support@patpet.com or call to 1-855-888-9922 (9:00 am-5:00pm,MON-FRI). Here is a professional after-sales team for you

Can you tell me the procedure of opening a wholesale account

1. For Amazon sellers, PATPET only accepts sellers who customize their own logo or without logo to sell on that. For other platforms and offline sellers then have no limit with brands.

2.All sellers need to keep our pricing policy to make sure each agent gets reasonable profit.

3.Each city will set 5 agents

4.MOQ is 1000 pcs

5.Support OEM & ODM

If the above conditions are acceptable, please provide the following info and email to inquiry@patpet.com

The Patpet team will review it as soon as possible

1.Where is your market, online like Amazon, eBay, wish, etc, or offline

2. Are you a retailer/wholesaler or distributor

3.Do you need to customize your own brand or not

3.Could you please let us know more about your sales channel

More Wholesale Account Details 

How to Use

Why my charger not working for the receiver

Please make sure the accessories of the charger port of the receiver are on, or the charger cannot work

The Metal contact points (prongs) /silicone covers fall off frequently, how to make them tighten them

1) About the contact points (prongs), at the last step, please use the test light as a screwdriver to tighten them.
2) About the silicon covers, please press them down to the bottom when installing. Or you can also add some super glue to fix them.

The collar strap is easy to loosen

The collar strap is adjustable, the incorrect wearing method will easy to loosen. Please follow the video operation of the product to adjust the appropriate wearing size and correct wearing method.

Wearing Method Tips

a. Put the dog in a lying or standing position before wearing, and make the dog’s neck in a good neutral position, which is easy to wear.
b. Hair will affect the tightness of the collar. Before wearing it, clean the hair that has fallen off around the neck. After putting on the collar, smooth the hair under the collar to prevent the collar from being too loose.
c. Short-haired dogs can use short contact points, long-haired dogs need longer contact points.
d. Verification standard: When the wearing is completed, two fingers can be placed just under the collar of the neck.

The collar strap is too long for the dog's neck

In order to adapt to dogs of various sizes, the length of our collar is up to 75 cm (about 24.5 inches). If the collar received is too long, you can cut off the extra part and burn the cutting opening with a lighter. Please pay attention to fire safety when using a lighter.

Do you sell replacement parts? One of the rubber cover /prongs fell off of my dog's collar

Please send an email to our After-sale service support@patpet.com , and with the below info

1.Model name

2.Picture of products

3.ASIN Number

4.Describtion of your issue

We will reply to you within 12 hours

I recently got another dog and would like to add a second collar. What do I need to do

Please confirm whether you want to continue using the old dog training collar or buy a new one to control two dogs

  1. If you want to change the new dog training collar, patpet currently supports one-to-two models

6 series: Model 610. 620. 630. 640. 650. 651. 661. 680. 690, etc.

3 series: Model 301. 310. 320. 350. 360. 370, etc.

5 series: Model 511

You can buy the collar on Amazon

  1.  If you don’t want to replace your training collar, only need to add a collar strap. Please send an email to support@patpet. com, the email attached to the product picture, model and your needs, our customer service will give you a professional response

I have a 7 1/2 lb dog. which is your best collar

We don’t recommend the use of dog trainer collars for dogs under 10lb

How can I choose Patpet training collars

Please confirm your requirements before purchasing a dog training collar

1. How many dogs do you have to train? Patpet comes in 2 types. One can control one dog, another one can control two dogs

2. Charge and battery option, the charge is normal to charge 2 hours, can be used about 15 Days; batteries for AAA batteries. You can easily buy on the market. Please choose the one you prefer

3. The function of Patpet training collars: vibration, tone, vibration + tone, shock

Here’s a guide to choosing a dog collar.  If you still don’t know how to pick one, please let us know what you need and our customer service will give you the best advice. Contact us on support@patpet.com

Function Models
Rechargeable 610 / 620 / 630 / 640 / 650 / 651 / 661 / 680 / 682
310 / 320 / 350 / 360 / 370 / 920
AAA Batteries 301 / 305
With Shock 610 / 620 / 640 / 650 / 680 / 682 / 920
301 / 305 / 320 / 350 / 360 / 370
Without Shock 630 / 651 / 661

If I do not insert the contact points will the collar still shock

Yes, it will but not that strong. The Patpet shock function has 16 levels, 1 level is the lowest level, 16 levels are the highest. We recommend starting it on 1 level

Do you sell replacement remotes? I lost the remote right away and never be found again

Yes, Please contact us get after-service. Email: support@patpet.com

I want to know if I can order a second remote for the Patpet Dog Training Collar, so that we can use 2 remotes with the one collar

No, normally one remote could control 2 dogs

Why are there two sets of contact points when I receive the collar

Depends on the hair of dogs, if the thick fur, please choose the long one.

How to assemble the collar belt



Step 1. Pass the nylon belt through the receiver
Step 2. Pass the belt through the tri-glides buckle
Step 3. Pass the belt through the side release buckle
Step 4. Pass the excess belt through the tri-glides buckle again

Video Guide

How to find the best vibration (shock) level for dog

The unit comes with Up “+” and Down“-” buttons to control the vibration /shock level, with “Level 1” being the lowest level and “Level 8“ (some models are Level 16) being the highest.

The level of “vibration/shock” best suited for your dog depends on your dog’s temperament and the threshold for vibration/shock.

Always start at the lowest level and work your way up. The appropriate level can be found when the dog responds to the vibration/shock with a mild reaction, such as a flick of the ear, a lick of the lips, a tensing of the neck muscles, etc. The vibration/shock level may vary depending on the training situation. When highly distracted, dog will require a higher level of vibration/shock.

Troubleshooting Guide

My pet does not respond when I press a button

1.Make sure the receiver collar has been turned on.

2.If your range has reduced from the first time you used the remote training collar, the battery may be low in either the remote or receiver collar.

3.Terrain, weather, vegetation, transmission from other radio devices and many other factors can impact the amount of range you have with the unit.

4.Test the receiver collar. Refer to “how to use the test lamp” for details.

5.Increase the shock level. Refer to “find the best shock level for your pet “for more information.

6.Make sure the receiver collar’s contact points are placed snugly against your pet’s skin. Refer to “collar fitting”for more information.

The receiver collar will on turn on

Make sure the receiver collar has been charged. For the initial charge, be sure to charge it for 4 hours. Subsequent charges only take 2-3 hours.

The charging light does not flash & does not charge

a. When the collar automatically shuts down, the customer needs to recharge the battery in time to ensure battery life. If the battery is seriously lacking, it needs to be activated when recharging.
The estimated charging time is about 20 minutes before charging can be displayed. (When the collar is used less, it is recommended that the user recharge the machine every 2-3 months to ensure the battery life, otherwise it will easily damage the battery and cause it to fail to charge)

b. Please check
The socket switch is turned on?
Data cable is in good contact?
The data cable connector is inserted in place?
The operation is in accordance with the instructions?
The regular charging equipment with CE\UL certification is used?

The receiver collar is not responding to the remote

1.Make sure the receiver collar is on

2.If the indicator light does not come on when any button is pressed on the remote, ensure that the batteries are charged properly

3.If the first two solutions did not resolve your problem. Refer to “pair the remote and the receiver collar”

How to change battery on patpet collar

When the LED display words are not clear; can not normally use the function of the dog training collar; the low battery alarm. You can choose to replace the battery to find out if the battery capacity is low or not.


On this occasion, you need to prepare four new AAA batteries. Remove dog training collar receiver and transmitter back cover (battery version), replace the AAA Batteries.

Beep and vibration function normally ,but shock function cannot work .What should I do ?

1.To confirm if the battery of the remote is full, because when the battery is low, the shock cannot function normally.
2. If the battery is full, please turn up the shock level above

3. Use the test lamp to test shock function (see below pic) . If the test lamp cannot light, the receiver has problems. If the test lamp can light, and when touching the conductive screws in shock mode, you can feel slightly shocked. The device has no fault.

The steps to test the shock function
(Click to view large picture)

Why does my dog has no response to shock function ?

1. To confirm if the shock functions normally first.
2. If shock function is normal, the possible reason is the dog’s thick hair. Here are 2 suggestions for you

a.To trim the hair around the dog’s neck.
b.To use the longer contact points and add the metal sheets (see the pic) so that the contact points can touch the dog’s skin well.
c.Turn up the shock level

The dog collar's Metal Contact Sheets

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