How to use patpet pet water fountain

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cat water fountain

How to use pet water fountain

1. Soak the filter in a dean bowl for 5 minutes with 5°C – 50°C water.

♦ It is normal for the water soaked in the filter element to appear colorless or yellow, but it is drinkable.

2.Rinse the drinking water tray, filter tray, spout, and silicone tube with clean water.

♦ It is strictly forbidden to put this product and its assembly parts in the dishwasher for cleaning.

3. Assemble the water pump, silicone hose and filter disc together.

4. Fill in the water tank with purified water II up to MAX level, pass the USB cable of the water pump through the water tank, and assemble the filter disc and the water tank. 

5. Put the filter element into the groove of the filter tray, cover the drinking tray, and insert the spout. 

6. Place the assembled water dispenser on stable ground and plug in the adapter to pass electricity.

Note: Keep the water level between the Min and Max level. The pump will fail if it runs dry.

How to clean pet water fountain

The water dispenser needs to be cleaned once about 3 days in operaton, and the filter elements should be replaced once about 2 weeks. The parts of the water dispenser are not allowed to be cleaned in the dishwasher. The new filter element needs to be soaked in water for about 5 minutes before it can be used.

Cleaning the water pump can prolong the service life of the water pump. It is recommended to clean it once every 1 to 2 months to prevent dirt from blocking the waterway, resulting in unsmooth water flow, poor water quality, noise, and other abnormal phenomena. The steps are shown in Figure 7 to Figure 10

How about pet water fountain without filter

For pets healthy, change the filter every 2 weeks or when the flow rate has noticeably reduced. For two or more cats, you may need to replace the filters more regularly if it becomes blocked.

Are pet water fountains worth it

Dogs and cats need to be well hydrated, but they don’t like to drink out of bowls, especially cats. A good automatic water dispenser can help make your pet healthier by providing clean water and filtering out the dirt (and floating matter)

Here recommend
♦ simply automatic water fountain: water dispenser WF01

Do cat water fountains use a lot of electricity

For example, a water fountain is 0.5W, using 24 hours, the electricity is 0.012kW·h.

W=p*t=0.5W/1000*24h=0.012 kW·h



It’s recommended to replace the filter every 2 weeks. Please contact us at to purchase filter replacements.

After starting up or cleaning for the first time, please wait a few minutes for the pump to discharge the trapped air. If the pump still cannot pump water, dismantle the pump covet, replace the sponge, and then rinse all debris in the pump with water. 

There is too little water in the tank. Please fill in the water between MIN and MAX.

Please soak the filter in a dean bowl (not in the water tank) for 5 minutes before the first use.

Please clean that every 3-4 days, and use the brush to clean the pump every 1-2 months.

The filters absorb more water (and therefore clean more water) when they’re wet and expanded. Soaking the filter removes particulate that may have been sealed on the filter.

For the first use (or reuse after long-time storage), the water pump needs to discharge air, it’s normal if the water output speed slows down.

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