How to choose training collar for dogs [Buy Guide]

Before you begin this article, take a look at whether or not your dog behaves in this way. Such as jumping on people, digging in your garden beds, chasing people and cars and excessive barking. These behaviors are always annoying and scary. We should let the dog know that these behaviors are not right and should be corrected.

Faced with the need to correct bad habits, there are many types of dog training collars on the market, they are very useful in different situations. In this article, I’ll focus on how to select an electronic collar to train your dog.

Dogs Incorrect Behavior

Electric Training Collar Type

There are 5 kinds of dog training collars mode on the market

  • Vibration
  • Tone
  • Shock
  • Spray
  • Ultrasonic

1.Vibration: similar to the vibration of the mobile phone, when press the vibration button on the remote transmitter, the receiver will vibrate. This is a function that does not harm the dog, giving the dog a cue for bad behavior. Combined with your verbal cues of “No!” or “Bad!” your dog will certainly get the hint.

2. Tone: When you press the tone button, it makes a “beep ~ ~ ” sound, which is also a common function key

3. Shock: this is a highly controversial feature. Some people think its effect is very good, some also feel inhumanity, can make the dog’s fur injury, change timidity.

This is a result of improper use, the normal wearing time of the electronic collar is not more than 8 hours, in the use of shock should start from the min level, to find the most suitable level. Patpet has a minimum level is 1, which is gradually increased as the dog continues to disobey commands. A silicone sheet on a contact point can also protect dog fur.

4. Spray: it’s a citronella bark collar that lets the dog know when it’s barking excessively, there are sevel scents that are displeasng to your dog and emitting those smells into the air near his face will go a long way to deterring him from bad behaviors.

5. Ultrasonic Control: it emits a kind of ultrasonic that dogs hate, humans can’t hear it, but dogs can. It works on a specific range, so some people use it as a dog bark repellent.

Here are 4 factors to consider when buying

  1. Your Dog’s Training Goals

Different dog training collars can be used for different purposes. You just want the bark stopper? Or do you want to train the dog’s behavior? Please decide which product you want

  1. Size and Temperament of Your Dog

The Mild-mannered, the puppy, with a vibrating or tone modes

Naughty, incorrigible dogs can try to use shock mode

Dogs of different temperaments should have different choices

  1. Effect Range

It depends on your using area range. There’s 330 yard, 450 yard, etc. . 330 yard is usually enough, depending on the dog’s active range, and buildings reduce the effect distance

  1. Reliability

It’s a matter of supplier. Find a reliable supplier. Patpet, as Amazon’s star merchant, will be your choice, with a one-year warranty

In general, Patpet advice when you choosing the electronic collar to train a dog, you can reference below

If you consider humanization, suggest vibration, tone mode

If your dog is too naughty, consider using a shock mode

If it’s just excessive barking, use a spary bark stopper


  • Neck Size

You should always consider the fit. The collar should fit securely but not too tightly as to cause discomfort. Constricting collars can damage the skin on the neck area of your dog.

  • Waterproof

There are differing levels of waterproof and you may opt not to get the 100% waterproof form yet but we strongly suggest having some water resistance for dog training collar.
There are just such a large number of moves dogs usually make that unintentionally get water on them. They could run in the downpour before you get them in or they could sprinkle through a mud puddle. Also just the act of drinking their water could slop water up onto their collar. Take some precautions to forestall destroying the collar you pick.

Wear Patpet Training Collar's Dog in the Pool
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Here to recommend you the best training collar in different modes

  • Model: P-collar 320
  • Training Mode: Tone (beep), Vibrate, Shock
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Suitable All Sizes Dogs
  • 300-Meter Remote Control
  • Mode: P-collar 301
  • Training Mode: Tone (beep), Vibrate, Shock
  • 4*AAA Battery
  • All-Weather Ready
  • 300-Meter Remote Control
  • Model: Patpet A12
  • Training Mode: G-sensor, Shock
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • All-Weather Ready
  • IPX5 Waterproof

If you still have questions about training collar, contact us to talk with our dog training experts.

Are you’re interested in the dog training collar business? Patpet is at your service, click “here” for more information about wholesale account

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