You Must Know About Ultrasonic Dog Bark Controller

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What is ultrasonic bark control device

This anti-barking device is made with ultrasonic technology, gives you an easy way to correct your dogs behavior safely and easily.

Ultrasonic sound is the humane way to stop your dog in the middle of unwanted behavior. The device to be 100% harmless to dogs and humans.

When the dog barks, press the Ultrasonic emission button and the speaker will release ultrasonic sound to stimulate the dog and make him feel uncomfortable. After this is repeated a few times, the dog will learn that his barking will bring uncomfortable feelings to himself. By so, he will always think of this when he wants to bark. This is a safe and effective way to stop barking.

How does ultrasonic bark stopper works

Average human hearing frequency range is between 20Hz~20KHz,and dog can hear a wider range from 15Hz~120KHz.The product emits ultrasonic sound at 23KHz~27KHz. So the sound cannot be hear by human but can be hear by dogs.

Different dog breeds may react to the ultrasonic sound differently. For optimal results , please use the product as a training aid, along other tools/commands. Be patient on this training process.

They come in all sorts of varieties, including:

How to use ultrasonic bark control

It is important to understand how ultrasonic sound works.

  • Ultrasonic sound travels like a beam. It is directional. Think of it as a beam of light from a torch. You must point the speaker toward the area where the dog barks.
  • The intensity of the ultrasonic sound decreases with distance. As the intensity decreases the effectiveness is reduced. Therefore, place the device as close to the dogs as possible.
  • Ultrasonic sound is fragile and won’t pass through: fences, buildings, foliage, plants, etc. The speaker must have a clear line of sight to the dog.
  • Do not install higher than about 1.5m above the dog.

Is ultrasonic bark control good for dogs?

Patpet Ultrasonic Dog Bark Controller

1. Especially suitable for family pet dog, such as poodle, siberian, husky, and so on

2. Suitable for outdoor work, travel and security night patrol


1. If the dog is deaf or hearing impaired, he may not react to Outdoor Bark Control.

2. Do not use the device against your ear for testing.

3. This device can be used for bark deterrent training for dogs.

4. The device is not intended to provide protection against aggressive dogs.

5. This device is not a toy, keep out of reach of children.

6. Different dog breeds may react to the ultrasonic sound differently.

Is UItrasonic Bark Devices dangerous?

Is ultrasonic bark control safe for puppies? Does it hurt dogs?

Yes, the ultrasonic bark devices are safe.

When used correctly, most experts agree that a high-frequency sound won’t cause physical pain or damage to your dog’s ears. In other words, a short burst of a high-frequency sound shouldn’t physically hurt the average dog. Of course, some dogs have more sensitive ears, so it’s best to talk to your vet before testing that theory.

Do ultrasonic bark stoppers harm humans?

The frequency of the ultrasonic anti-bark device is 23000-27000Hz

The sound frequency range that humans can perceive is between 20-20000Hz

The general human speech frequency is mainly concentrated in 500-4000Hz

The frequency of the device is in the range that humans cannot hear, so this product does not damage human hearing.

Why my ultrasonic bark control device no response

First, please make sure the device is turned on.

Second, make sure the device is fully charged. Press the ultrasonic button to test the response. 

Third, check whether there is any blocking object in front of the ultrasonic transmission.

Forth, the ultrasonic effect will be weakened if the dog’s ears were covered.

You don’t have to deal with excessive barking forever. There are plenty of tools available to correct this bad behavior. The right device will provide a gentle reminder that ultimately teaches your dog to stay quiet when they need to.

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